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This important point, where the elements and the principles of the highest knowledge are
concentrated, could not be search nor encountered in life, as life is within is, as it radiates
around us, as it is familiar to us and as it suffices to know how to observe it in order to
grasp its different manifestations. It is in death that we can recognize it, in this invisible
domain of pure spirituality, where the soul, liberated from its bonds, takes refuge at the
end of its earthy stay; it is in nothingness, this mysterious nothing which contains
everything, the absence where all presence reigns, that it is proper to search for the
causes, the multiple effects which life is showing us.

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Emerald Tablet of Hermes

From Fulcanelli (translated from the French by Sieveking)

1) This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth:-
2) As below, so above; and as above so below. With this knowledge alone you may work miracles.
3) And since all things exist in and eminate from the ONE Who is the ultimate Cause, so all things are born after their kind from this ONE.
4) The Sun is the father, the Moon the mother;
5) the wind carried it in his belly. Earth is its nurse and its guardian.
6) It is the Father of all things,
6a) the eternal Will is contained in it.
7) Here, on earth, its strength, its power remain one and undivded.
7a) Earth must be separated from fire, the subtle from the dense, gently with unremitting care.
8) It arises from the earth and descends from heaven; it gathers to itself the strength of things above and things below.
9) By means of this one thing all the glory of the world shall be yours and all obscurity flee from you.
10) It is power, strong with the strength of all power, for it will penetrate all mysteries and dispel all ignorance.
11a) By it the world was created.
12) From it are born manifold wonders, the means to achieving which are here given
13) It is for this reason that I am called Hermes Trismegistus; for I possess the three essentials of the philosophy of the universe.
14) This is is the sum total of the work of the Sun.

listen to the following, you surely will enjoy it

Jenny Wilson - Anchor made of gold - YouTube

Lilly Wood and The Prick - No no (kids) | - YouTube

An orderly arrangement between wave lengths establishes a connection between frequencies and fields. But for this connection to last, it must resonate to all frequencies and fields. This can only be accomplished through the resonate structure of golden mean pathways
. a harmonic cascade effect
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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