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Magneto-optic effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A magneto-optic effect is any one of a number of phenomena in which an electromagnetic wave propagates through a medium that has been altered by the presence of a quasistatic magnetic field. In such a material, which is also called gyrotropic or gyromagnetic, left- and right-rotating elliptical polarizations can propagate at different speeds, leading to a number of important phenomena. When light is transmitted through a layer of magneto-optic material, the result is called the Faraday effect: the plane of polarization can be rotated, forming a Faraday rotator. The results of reflection from a magneto-optic material are known as the magneto-optic Kerr effect (not to be confused with the nonlinear Kerr effect).
While searching magneto optic materials, i found this:

Magneto-optical characteristics of human sper... [J Biophotonics. 2008] - PubMed - NCBI

Magneto-optical characteristics of human sperms: normal and deformed.

In this study we report on magnetic orientation of human sperms. Samples were taken from 17 donors. Normal human sperms became oriented with their long axis perpendicular to the magnetic field (1 T maximum). Total orientation was achieved with magnetic field of about 1 T, while for abnormal sperms the magnetic behavior was different. The dependence of the measured degree of orientation on the intensity of the magnetic field was in good agreement with the theoretical equation for the magnetic orientation of diamagnetic substances. As a result of a numerical analysis based on the equation, the anisotropic diamagnetic susceptibility of normal sperm was found to be Delta(chi) = 8 x 10(-20) J/T(2). The degree of orientation was influenced by the alterations in the shape of the head, body or the tail. It has been suggested that the DNA in the sperm head retain the strong magnetic anisotropy to counterbalance the magnetic anisotropy retained by flagellum microtubules. Recent studies demonstrated a well-defined nuclear architecture in human sperm nucleus, where the head morphology has significant correlation with sperm chromatin structure assay SCSA. Then, as the methods to evaluate SCSA can be difficult and expensive our simple magnetic orientation technique can be an alternative to diagnose alteration in DNA.

also...remember Walter Russell periodic Table:

The image below is taken from the book Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process by Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat (comments added).

here is the picture

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