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11-month mark today!

Thank you for your inspiring posts, everybody. It has been eleven months on PATHS, and I promised I would keep you all updated. I wanted to wait until the big one-year mark to post next, but today something happened that made me so excited that I couldn't wait! That something was a huge confirmation of my results, and it made me so happy!

Today for lunch I met with a group of old workmates who only get together sporadically. One in particular is a very dear friend, who is also something of a fashion plate. She's very fastidious, the kind of friend who can advise you about improving your image, and will tell you - in the nicest, sweetest, possible way - that you could stand to lose a few pounds, or that that colour really doesn't work on you, or for that matter that you look like crap and need to get more sleep. In other words, I know that she wouldn't ever bullsh*t me with false platitudes or compliments. I trust her implicitly, and her opinion means everything to me.

Today over lunch she kept staring at me with a quizzical expression, and afterwards she got me alone away from the others and began questioning me.

"Okay Rin. What's going on?"

"What? I don't under - "

"Rin, you look GREAT! It seems like every time I see you, you look better and better! The way you dress is completely different. Your skin is beautiful, your body is fit and trim, and you look so happy! I've never seen you look this good."

"Well, I - "

"It started about a year ago."

"Yes, because I - "

"'Come on, 'fess up! It's a man, isn't it?"

"NO!!!" I had to laugh. I was very pleased! It's obvious that I'm looking much happier these days, and it even looks as though I'm gettin' my womanly share of the booty, if you get my drift! (Although I would love to know why everyone assumes a man is behind my happiness. Why not assume that I'm behind it, instead? With a little help from RDT, of course!)

As for the rest of my life, I can only reiterate what I wrote in an earlier post:

"Every single day, I feel that I am learning something new (and even more importantly, teaching something new to the people around me). I feel that my life has a purpose, and that I am special and loved. And yet at the same time, I feel that there is so much more to do and learn. Because of this, I feel excited every day."

It's such a good feeling! I've waited all my life for this feeling. Thanks again, PATHS!

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