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Arrow Redox Signaling Molecules & The Jedi Force

Mitochondria exist in every cell in the body and are often referred to as the energy powerhouse because they produce ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), which is the main energy molecule in the body.

There is a theory that the mitochondria is a symbiotic life form that for whatever reason adapted to our biology through evolution and here we are today - we can't live without them, literally.

Mitochondria are so important to our lives that it has been my guess for many years that George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, got the idea of the midi-chlorians from the mitochondria.

Here is a quote from one of the Star Wars stories:

"Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll hear them speaking to you."

- Qui-Gon Jinn, to Anakin Skywalker

The midi-chlorians are a symbiotic life form and the higher the quantity of them, the more of "The Force" there is for any particular individual such as a Jedi Knight.

Now, I'm not suggesting that by having healthy mitochondria that you will be levitating or moving objects with your mind. But, that goes to show that one of the most incredible science fiction stories of the last century thought so highly of the mitochondria, a.k.a. midi-chlorians, that they were responsible for the incredible powers of the Jedi.

An interesting fact about the mitochondria in our cells is that they are the only things in our body that have their own DNA! So it really does appear they are symbiotic little creatures that are co-existing inside of us. We'll probably never know where they came from or how they wound up in our cells but we should be thankful they're there!

Another powerful fact that is really mind-blowing is that 50% of your entire body's dry weight is nothing but pure mitochondria! That means half of you is a collective of these little creatures. Kind of reminiscent of a community of microscopic Borg isn't it?

The mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells, are mostly known for producing ATP. However, there are many other molecules that the mitochondria produce and these are known as Redox Signaling Molecules. These molecules are so important that we'd be dead without them and the more we produce, the healthier we are and the longer we live.

The Redox Signaling Molecules that are produced by our mitochondria are divided into two different categories. The first is ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species and the second is RS or Reduced Species.

The ROS molecules are responsible for attacking bad bugs in our body such as viruses and bacteria and they signal our immune system to know whether an unhealthy cell needs to be repaired or replaced.

The RS molecules are necessary to activate or turn on antioxidants so they can neutralize oxidation in the body. I'll clarify that so you there is no mistake about what I am saying. Antioxidants are 100% worthless without enough RS molecules to activate them. That's right - when people spent lots of money on expensive antioxidant juices or other forms of antioxidants, almost all of the antioxidants are completely worthless to the body since there aren't enough RS molecules produced by our mitochondria to activate them!

These redox molecules are in a perfect balance and are responsible for us having healthy cells, living longer and having more energy and vitality. Kind of sounds like having more of The Force don't you think?

What is interesting about the name midi-chlorians is that it sounds like chlorine. There are various chlorine molecules that are actually produced by our mitochondria amongst many other molecules. Some of the other molecules include ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

For many years, the science of biology has known about these molecules but has always referred to them as "cellular waste". Usually, when the scientific world doesn't know what the purpose of something is, it is labeled as unnecessary, waste, garbage and so on.

Someday, our scientific world will grow up and realize that just because we don't know what something is for doesn't mean it is not needed. You have probably heard the same about our appendix or "junk" DNA. Just because we don't fully understand what this "junk DNA" is doesn't mean that it is useless or "junk."

For a little longer than ten years, cellular biology has learned that these molecules are the Fountain of Youth, literally.

But here's the problem. A baby has 100% cellular efficiency. By the time someone is seventy years of age, their cellular efficiency is only 10%. That is a huge difference. So it is no big surprise that as we age we heal slower and have less energy, etc.... The 10% cellular efficiency at seventy is due to the fact that most of the mitochondria are damaged and can't produce any ATP or Redox Signaling Molecules!

So, when you think about Yoda or any other Jedi Knights and why they live so long, are so healthy and strong, it is no surprise that it is because they have more midi-chlorians (mitochondria) than anyone else!
If we can't give ourselves more mitochondria, the next best thing is to give ourselves the molecules that the mitochondria make. Therefore, if someone is seventy for example and they are able to give their body the Redox Signaling Molecules in a quantity that is equivalent as what they would have as a child, they would heal faster, have more energy and endurance and just about everything in their body would work better including mental function.

Welcome to the world of Redox Signaling Molecules where for the first time in history, they can be supplemented so that everyone can experience the vitality that they had as a child!

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Aaron Murakami

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