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Insulated plate

Originally Posted by IczerTesla View Post
Hello All.
I have been trying to re-create this invention for a while..
Ive tried to tape foil to cardboard pieces ( like a plate type) Ive tried sawing the bottom off a hollow plastic horse kick ball thing.. round sphere shape with flat panels making up the roundness of the complete ball.. (kinda like a really scaled down Wardenclyffe tower dome)
and now Im using a piece of aluminum plate I borrowed from work which I polished to a mirror like sheen.

My biggest problem is the wiring and electrical know-how.. I have a basic idea of how this concept works.. But I always run into a dead-end when it comes to having it actually work.. plus I have kind of a lot of power lines coming through my yard.. I wouldnt want to count the resonance from the lines as my "radiant energy"

My first attempt I tried to make a Leyden jar as my condenser,capacitor.. but I couldnt even get that to produce a spark.

I was pretty much wondering if anyone would like to offer me some pointer or tips for this device? for instance.. the patent states that the collecting plate should be insulated.. does that mean the whole plate? 1-side? and insulated with what? Im about to use saran-wrap for the "collecting" side of the plate and cardboard as the backing. Anyhow.. any tips either in a PM or on a thread would be very much apprieciated!! thank you all and sorry for the rant.
Glue aluminum foil to cardboard, polished or smooth surface is really not important... It's just to prevent neutralizing charges from coming together from each side of the plate (killing the dipole) :-) As for sparkage, unless you're above the 1750' above sea level and have a 200' antenna (which in the US requires permits by the FAA over 100'). It simply won't happen, and the actual energy received will be very disappointing :-) the height of the antenna is to establish a wide potential between + charges (the sky) and - charges (the earth)
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