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Originally Posted by citfta View Post
hi mcombatti,

You have posted some very interesting ideas. Is there enough Americium in a smoke detector to give good results with your circuit? I have a few old ones lying around that no longer work and thought I might give your circuit a try with some of the Americium if I can figure out how to get it out of the smoke detectors. Thanks for the info and looking forward to what ever you can share with us.


Sorry I was posting at the same time as you were I guess.
Yes the small bit of americium works well.. Its inside the black cylindrical unit.. Usually marked radioactive.. Take the top off the cylinder and/or unsolder it and push it out with a phillips screwdriver. If u find granite.. The black crystalline chunks (uraninite) works well also and is handlable.. But gives off alpha and beta particles.. So as well with this (especially if chipping to break) DO NOT INJEST :-)
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