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About alpha emitters

Originally Posted by StweenyA View Post
@mcombatti, thanks very much for your reply

Yes I understand the concept of "don't kill the dipole".
I will try replicating this later, it is already early hours of the morning here, so not trusting myself with HV at this current moment...

Thanks again for the explanation! cheers for now

Alpha emitters generate low radiation.. The tube will stop it and skin can stop the alpha emissions as well.. DO NOT INJEST AN ALPHA EMITTER. americium can be obtained by getting a cheap smoke detector from a yard sale.. And taking the small bead out of it :-) a little bit goes a long way.. If u have a Geiger counter, you can test other materials... Some granites I've used emit a lot of alpha particles.. Betas and higher can be used.. But then there becomes radiation dangers.. The more surface area of the emitter increases the charge pump activation as well... But too much will blow the circuit :-)
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