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A quick post

Here's the circuit for anyone, whether u live within the radiant tapping zone.. It will work... This circuit uses an alpha particle emitter to initiate a forced bias potential on the ground of the circuit (negative resistor ;-))... Pumping/forcing the antenna to draw radiant energy to itself.. Videos and other circuits after when I get the time.. Just couldn't leave you all hanging without something... Here's just something to reproduce and start exploring with a "working" model that can fit in the palm of your hand with no lengthy antennas or grounds.. And actually get more than a meager volt or two...

I present the Portable Radiant Energy Receiver circuit #5 created by myself :-)
Start building...

***note the 100-470 uF caps will be the voltage stoppers.. Use 35v.. You'll get 35 volts.. Use 100.. You'll get 100.. A 555 is not necessary.. But when used causes the "pump" to increase voltage with a resistor on the + side... Faster switching.. More current...
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