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Exclamation On Configuration...

Originally Posted by Haan View Post
Hi mcombatti,
and welcome to the discussion.

please elaborate on the "configuration" and how it is "crucial".

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Static electricity includes positive, negative charges, and ionized air (ionization occurs due to sunlight (uv/infrared), weather, seismic activity, solar activity (flares), wind, particles in the air (clouds included)...the entire world is a vast ocean of charges

Antenna - rectification of charges (use a full bridge rectifier) -use of a single diode to channel charges is stupid in the fact that if you receive 1000 positive charges and 500're charge is now only 500 positives because the dipole has been established, and energy "wasted" an AC rectifier boosts potential. as with the above numbers, the remaining 500 negative can be drawn via the ground (in reality the circuit will "channel" energy necessary out of 'thin air' with or without the ground.

large equipment like car ignition coils and spark plugs waste all the energy before it's been established. (stay with small lossless parts!, the current is only established using pulses, and the HV potential is still too low to approach small parts breakdown point)

MOST IMPORTANTLY - if you live BELOW 2000'...near sea level.... your charge potential is going to be relatively low NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO... I believe the exact number is 1750' (will retrieve reference later) which ionization in the air is at it's critical tapping point..

****For the one living near power lines... High Voltage (HV) or High Frequency (HF) can increase ionization in the surrounding air...the point of collecting radiant energy includes these stray HV power lines loss as well (ionized air)... radio waves... seismic waves... pretty much all resonant frequencies trapped in the earths lower layer of air (as they cause the "draw down" from ionization... If you have a plasma ball running in the room...a van de graff, wilmhurst or any 'static/ionizing' devices near (within 20') a radiant'll notice HUGE amounts of power being collected.

basically... the best way to draw radiant energy is to separate the dipole (+/-) then increase potential on one side of the scale and keep this potential from being "corrected"/balanced... Think of it as a form of osmosis... with a duality struggling to always achieve balance...

Working on the materials to post right now :-) has been a busy day with family from the north. Don't lose faith I'll post them soon (hopefully soon if family stops bugging me :-D)
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