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Radiant Energy

I have been experimenting with Tesla's radiant energy for a while and have some very efficient powerful prototypes...some with ground only, some antenna only, and some with both. The configuration of the circuit is the most crucial part! 500v can be established from a mere 4" 28-guage wire and no ground upto about 1.2 amps continuously!

** I will bookmark this forum (done...)...and take some photos/videos to share how such can be accomplished.

charging of the plate is not all that necessary as it works by extracting radiant "energy" (static, ionized air, and some of the light spectrum) [via antenna] or if when using a ground, the negative potential becomes much greater than at the antenna (earth is dense - potential) and the antenna 'channels' the energy through the system to "complete the dipole."

A diode at the antenna is used as a rectifier (unconventionally) to convert the energy into an electrical charge. An insulated wire works better than an uninsulated, and a one-way insulated sheet of metal (ie aluminum foil glued to cardboard) works even better (more surface area to collect). Although when using a plate, the best connection is at a point where the edges of the plate are closest to equidistance from the antenna connection point (center of the plate).

**Charging of the antenna is really not necessary as insulated wire generally already carries a charge (no matter how hard manufacturers try to counter this)...but if charge is essential to you, create an electret, and connect the positive side to the antenna...thus leaving the negative side free to potentially draw from the 'aetheric' (ionospheric) positive charge.

I will post schematics, pictures, and videos tomorrow (have to throw some together).

If you can grasp the concepts and how to increase efficiency, you have 2 out of 3 secrets (nature of static/ionization & harnessing/condensing into current) revealed to recreating a "testatika machine" (I have and am now in reproduction of an even more efficient model with all machined parts...and it does work!)

Glad to lend a hand in spreading knowledge..will return tomorrow.
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