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from: Peter Daysh Davey Water Heater Query

Originally Posted by prato_braun View Post
HI everyone,

sorry I'm not completely up to date but I just wanted to share what ibpointless shared at the crystal battery thread.

Water, Energy, and Life: Fresh Views From the Water's Edge - YouTube

In this lecture prof Pollack presents his findings about the crystal structure of water at the SURFACE AREA which is called exclusion zone(EZ).
The lecture is awesome and a must see.
I don't know how much it matters but it could be important that the boiler points upwards like in the first prototype.
Just in case that the EZ plays a role that is.

Keep it up!!! I'm currently enrolled in plenty of other projects but maybe I'll give this one a shot I will definitely advertise among friends


Thanks prato_braun, a new dimension to add to Water....quite an amazing element
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