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Really, for this replication, don't we need someone to post a pic of the back of the 18X board ?
Then the 1000uF 50V cap gets added, and the other changes are implemented. Hey presto, some mind numbingly frustrating tuning later, someone posts a runner.
If so, then Dr. Stiffler would have a validation that discounts many peoples negative presumptions about his location.

On topic, but off on thoughts here - if I get something PSEC'ing nicely, i'd like to calibrate and ramp up the 60kHz signal from Fort Collins, CO. It's the source of the atomic clock signals and, of course, Colorado is where Tesla conducted his famous 1898 experiments.
I view that as the modern day Wardenclyffe (in fact, take out the audio from any radio signal and what you have is broadcast energy).
Wireless energy transmission being amplified and used, from the very part of the country where he conducted those wireless experiments. That signal is countrywide, so, many more people could do the same as replications.
Geeky as anything but what a project !
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