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Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post
I can tell you it works, check this out, we are in the middle of making a tunable cap and inductor board for it , the circuit was not hooked up correctly, we dropped the board on the ground cleaning up, some contact was made and an LED came on , NO POWER INPUT.

Andrew and i nearly %$#$% our selves, i should of taken a photo, did you really think the Doc was not telling the truth?

TRUE STORY, its me .

Great news Ash. I've been watching his videos for a year, and despite there being a multitude of ways to fake the demo, the guy just never struck me as BS'er... he's just way too into it, ya know? People generally don't get that involved in their frauds, so to speak. Nice to hear this.
Alberta is under attack...

Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P
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