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alternate uses for bedini mechanical output

ok, i lurk a lot and don't post much, my apologies.
i would like to use this thread to discuss other ways to harness the mechanical power of the bedini SG other than for a fan. i played with the flipflop magnets in a coil (bike lights) a few months ago. this was touched on in another thread and is what got me motivated to create this thread.
so here are a few ideas i have been kicking about but haven't had the time or $ to experiment with.

an SG with a fan and a shroud to collect as much of the air as possible and route it into a tesla turbine, perhaps made from an old hard disk drive?

an SG coupled to a wimshurst and route the stored energy from the leyden jars to? the batteries? the front end?

i look forward to anyones input or new ideas. 2 heads are better than one or so i'm told.
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