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Originally Posted by T-1000 View Post
Ok, here is some food for theoretics

Corum Ball lightning

So, instead of making ball lightning, we're about to use this energy for our electrical circuits ...
this is mighty interesting....thanks for the article...i posted an article written by the same authors here: Donald Smith Devices too good to be true; thanks T-1000

I found this in the ref mentioned in the article:

RF coils, helical resonators and voltage magnification by coherent spatial modes

By modeling a wire-wound coil as an anisotropically conducting cylindrical boundary, one may start from Maxwell’s equations and deduce the structure’s resonant behavior. Not only can the propagation factor and characteristic impedance be determined for such a helically disposed surface waveguide, but also its resonances, ′self-capacitance′ (so-called), and its voltage magnification by standing waves. Further, the Tesla coil passes to a conventional lumped element inductor as the helix is electrically shortened.


And here is the inductance calculator based on the previous post: RF Inductance Calculator -

ps: did i mention the presence of silicate dust in the air
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