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Energy Conversion by Articulated Transfer

Now for me there are other things I would choose to build, however this one is the only one of the small pulsed coil group that actually caught my eye. I am not endorsing it but at a "quick glance" which is all I gave it, it may have potential to look into further. My interests lie in the Tesla transmitter and cold fusion.

from quick observation it appears he is running a steady DC equivalent of approximately 50 volts n change and I do not recognize the bulb and with no specs I have have no idea what kind of current it would draw. Anyway if guesses are close enough he appears to be getting an addictional 4 watts roughly. The proper way to measure the output would be for him to convert to DC then use a load resistor bank not a light bulb.

Any objections to this post please feel free to email me on the other side.

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