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My Asea Has arrived

Thanks Aaron
My Asea has arrived.
Looking forward to getting my health back up to scratch.
Its been almost 4 weeks since I ran out Of Asea and there was a very gradual slowing down of my system. I was starting to experience being tried lot more having sleepless nights again on a regular basis and my stomach ulcers where just starting to become noticeable. all the little things that wear you down in a day.

On a more positive note some of my injures have remained much better than before I started the Asea. So the major healing has remained as long as I didn't damage my joints and mussels again. my fitness has stayed improved but recover was getting harder and taking longer. this is something I am looking at monitoring again very closely second time around.

most of all looking froward to having that spring back in my step.

cheers Rod
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