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As i was reading a link i posted in another thread, stumbled on this little info:

Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
I have not yet read it but check it out:

An Introduction to the Mysteries
of Ground Radio

An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio by Gerry Vassilatos


As none of these researchers actually measured the elusive "ground current", many engaged an imaginative freeplay in the artistic description of the same. Several patent drawings reveal a curiously geomantic flair, the meandering "return currents" flowing over land and stream to their terminals. Here we find remarkable evidence that these inventors were in fact engaging in a form of geomantic vision, describing an entirely different and more agile energy species than electrical current (Farmer, Ader, Frow). Toward the peak successful operation of telegraph and telephone systems, the proper placement of terminal plates was an absolute requirement. As this art demanded special ability, the first telegraph linesmen used the methods familiar to dowsers.
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