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Principle of correspondence

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and probably that is why Tesla used to weight his coils too, it is much easier than finding 5.914441183 feet

look what i found you too are related to Light speed

As the concentration of NaCl was increased further in the TIRFM assay the Rad51 filaments shortened more rapidly, with a measured rate of 21.12 7.34 nm/s at 500 mM NaCl.More importantly, at this higher concentration of salt the DNA returned to near its original length with a final measured value of 5.91 1.02 μm, indicating complete dissociation of Rad51.
Quite different conditions exist in my system in which the electromagnetic waves or radiations are designedly minimized. the connection of one of, the terminals of the transmitting circuit to the ground having, itself, the effect of reducing the energy of these radiations to about one-half, Under observance of 'proper rules and artifices the distance is of little or no consequence, and by skillful application of the principle of "individualization," repeatedly referred to the messages may be rendered both non-interfering and non-interferable. This invention, which I have described in technical publications, attempts to imitate, in a very crude way, the nervous system in the human body.' Nicolas Tesla
from: Structural transitions within human Rad51 nucleoprotein filaments

btw: we talked about salt see:

--------------------Principle of Mentalism

Substrate pH and Water Quality

By the way water with a ph of 5.9 is also good for your skin


Quote: pH
Alkaline conditions enhance the capability of potassium permanganate to oxidize organic matter;
however, the opposite is true for its disinfecting power. Typically, potassium permanganate is a
better biocide under acidic conditions than under alkaline conditions
(Cleasby et al., 1964 and
Wagner, 1951). Results from a study conducted in 1964 indicated that permanganate generally was a
more effective biocide for E. coli at lower pHs, exhibiting more than a 2-log removal at a pH of 5.9
and a water temperature of both 0 and 20C ( i bet you it is even more effective at 14.4 Celsius)

see this post made by IndianBoys

Rules of Harmonics
The mathematics of the grid can be called harmonic math, as the entire system is harmonic in nature. The rules to understanding this harmonic system are as follows:

1. Zeros to the left or right of the decimal point are insignificant.
2. The system is based on 6 and 10.
Looking at some examples for each of these rules will illustrate their significance.

1. Zeros to the left or right of the decimal point are insignificant.

Example: 144000 nautical miles/grid sec is the maximum speed of light at the equator. Examining 144000, we find the following:

144000 is harmonically equivalent to 144, 14.4, 1.44, and .000144.
We theorise that space and time manifest from the geometric
harmonies of the wave motions of light. The fundamental
harmonic of light in geometric terms being an angular
velocity of 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second. There
being 97,200 grid seconds to one revolution of the earth.
The reciprocal harmonic of light, or 1/144,000 being 694444,
repeating. It was found that to calculate the values of harmonic
wave forms that have sympathetic resonance, it was
possible to disregard zero's to the right, or left, of whole numbers
and extract the values direct from the mathematical tables.
Harmonic 69444 therefore refers to the geometric reciprocal
of light
, which in theory forms the basic building-block of
the anti-universe, or region of negative reality
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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