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2A !
Excellent and i'm looking forward to getting THERE eventually

The oxide layers are increasingly fascinating, especially with direct voltage obtainable with no mix.
It seems I can get a P junction fine, but am looking for another common material to gain an N. I'd like to build a transistor anyhow and remember the lady with her homemade versions on YouTube. Wondering if that process can relate to the cells. A seperate circuit built in that amplifies the generated output.

For grins, but hopefully of some use to others, I wondered just what water on it's own may do. A baseline of a thing, how much is this galvanic situation playing a part - what does the water hold within, on its own.
Made a coffee and was thinking about all this, when it dawned on me to simply stick the leftover boiled water in a plastic container and find out !

Here's what I found:
Water Battery - doing work - YouTube

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