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Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
I would stay away from Zinc as it does not perform well in the cells, yes for a zinc carbon battery it works great with the galvanic action. Look at the hydrates magnesium something that only attacks the Magnesium once to form a oxide layer. The magnesium will be white if the attack is correct. You need the most current you can get. Chuck and I let these cells dry out before we hook them up. The reason we do this is all Galvanic action then has stopped and the Co2 does not attack the magnesium. Maybe it would be easy for you all to get a fire starter stick make the electrode like I said then play with the silicates doped with the salt substitute in a cup. Please listen to what I'm saying about this cell as it has taken a long time for me to do. What to start with Go to the store and buy drying silicate add the Salt substitute and experiment from that point, but make the electrode as I said. you want to convert the Hydrogen to Co2 with this chemical, you might even add a small bit of calcium carbonate, it's the carbonate that is going to generate the Co2.
Thank you John,
I definitely have the white oxide layer and the
Magnesium is NOT being digested.
What would you expect the maximal current fro
The cell? I have found that once you really juice it and the electrolyte solidifies, the galvanic is done.
Have you seen current be less affected by desiccation than voltage?
Just wondering.
I know what I have is not a Mg/Carbon galvanic cell.
Thank you so much again,
Very best regards,
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