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Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
I guess your not having any luck with the chemistry. The Carbonate Cell is constructed as I said to Ibpointlass, and yes I did build his cell to check the current. The Star Cell design take advantage of the pattern of the center electrode. You Guys need to think this one out.
Heating Copper forms Corpus copper the P device. Now leave that in the oven or flame until you get the black oxide layer over the red and leave it alone, do not scrape it. you now have two layers N and P. The chemicals must be pure no substitutes or you think you know better. Do the simple experiments first with the salt substitute and borax as Ibpointlass did.
It would be much better if you would use the Magnesium Cup as I did, it has already been pointed out how to get the oxide layer on the Magnesium so I do not want to repeat that. Take the cell that far first with what Ibpointless did without the glue as that is just a binder you need to form something like a cement crystal that will harden. Get it to this step first then we will take this a step further. And no that is not what Marcus is doing as I said before everybody would be hard pressed to make that Hydrate including Me. Even if I know the Mix I have had no success making it as something seems to be missing. However I do understand the Chemistry and can make other things do the same thing with far more power in Ma.
You just need to take your time in building it as it is not easy as it looks.
John B
Any thoughts on the ZnO type cell?
Thank you again for all your insight and guidance.
Have you noticed increase in output with smaller particle size in the constituents?
Very Best Regards,
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