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itís been 2 weeks and I have run out

Hello Asea fans
I would like to say this itís been 2 weeks since I last took my ASEA I can tell you its effect are now wearing off.
All my complaints and conditions of a man my age are slowly returning. There is no doubt the ASEA is the most important discovery to benefit man kind since the wheel.
I cannot stress enough how important this stuff is.
I now feel if I could not obtain this product any more my life will be seriously compromised.
I feel desperate to obtain more ASAP. I was just told my next shipment will be 7 to 10 days.
I have now seen both sides, Life with ASEA and life without.
I had been on the product for 8 weeks I had almost forgotten what it was like before.
I will not let my supply run down any more. Thanks to Aaron for doing the hard yards and shipping to me all the way over here in Australia.
I am hoping that ASEA release there product here sooner rather than later.
I am spreading the word and not because I plan on becoming a distributor but because the benefits are with out question. I would like to see my friends I care about get the same benefits I do

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