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The last two posts make me wonder if pulse train polarisation is a better method than the brutal cooking method that is sticking the cells on a 12V battery and similar. Of course, the man to know would be Mr. Bedini

I'm catching up - made a hybrid stovetop cell last night that works
Wrong ingredients, right results, a non burned version of the 2 week runner.
Pre-cooked baking soda, boric acid on top and then alum, all on a piece of aluminium foil. Melt the mix on the lowest electric stove setting for 15 minutes, add the electrodes (copper and galvanized steel) add alum again to cover the electrodes and melt that in the same way for several more minutes. Allowed to dry thoroughly, then added a shiny cardboard over the mix and sealed the cell.
The copper electrode has a red oxide layer, created by high heat on the stove previously. Got no magnesium so hence the steel again.
Initial reading of 1.018 volts. No polarisation was used.
It ran a blocking oscillator last night for 12hours and showed 0.750V an hour ago when removed. It now reads 0.841V and is still climbing back up
We have a storm due tomorrow and it'll be interesting to see if it reacts.

So, i'm a little way behind, but now have seen a cell run with no added water. Don't worry, am listening, watching and reading and must too thank Chuck and John for their work, as well as you other chaps - this stuff is great

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