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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
I don't know much about the Bedini circuit apart from it charges batteries, but yeah crucial information.

I have been trying to find out how to negatively charge a plate and trying to find info about an electrophorus.

So putting a diode at the bottom of the circuit too will help also?

I believe the spark gap in the relay increases the voltage and draws in radiant energy and at the same time will increase the frequency to point of resonance, which will draw in loads more.

I also believe a vacuum tube might work very well instead of the relay too. As would solid state switching.

Aren't both ends negative and radiant energy is entering both?

Great idea, there must be a best way to charge the plates. Tesla said insulated plates with a dielectric work best in the patent.

Apparently Wilhelm Reich mades clouds dissapear or appear by using a "cloud buster". Later someone else developed a "storm buster".

Cloudbusters and DOR Busters


From what I understand, fake nylon fur will charge a plate quite effectively when rubbed. Electrophorus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Only one diode is needed in those circuits.

The ends are opposite in charge and it is theorizes that negative radiant enters the positive end. Experiments seem to confirm this and this "negative" energy has different properties causing bigger overunity effects, cooling etc. My experiments with this showed an increase in capacity of a battery before the battery acid crystalized

Some say that orgone is radiant, I don't know as and cant help you with that.
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