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still need nutrition with ASEA

Hi Mick,

Some people just take longer - what is your own nutritional
intake on a daily basis? I have no idea if the below applies
to you or has anything to do with why you're not getting the
results but it is something everyone should consider that isn't
getting the results they want.


This isn't directed to you Mick but something I want to bring
up because some people don't consider this:

What kind of diet do you have?

For example, if someone were to drink a 6-pack of coke 7 days a week
while taking ASEA, it would be very difficult to overcome the
damage they are doing because the soda would sabotage those

That concept can apply to many foods, drinks, etc... that could
strain the body and work against anything ASEA could be doing.

We cannot know what everyone does in
their private lives that may actually be working against the

Also, ASEA is not a replacement for nutrition and if we're not
getting sufficient nutrients from the food we eat, we definitely
need to take supplements for vitamins, minerals, etc...

For some people, it may be as simple as not having enough
magnesium, which has hundreds of jobs to do in the body.
The ASEA can help with what nutrients we do have but if
we don't have the building blocks, it will be a challenge to get
any real results.

One of my closest business partners here has been taking ASEA
for about 4 months. He can get up easier in the morning and
has a bit more energy but that is about all he notices - but he
is sticking with it because he understands that it makes sense
that it should be the primary foundation that all supplements
should be based on.

So what I'm doing with him is looking over his diet and supplements
to see if there is something obvious he is missing in a big way that
could prevent him from realizing the benefits he should be getting.

(I just called him to ask a few things)

He said he stopped taking the liquid ionic minerals I recommended
to him before. If there aren't enough trace minerals, the vitamins
can't even do their job so he said he'll start taking them again - 10
minutes after he takes ASEA.
Aaron Murakami

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