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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
I am a mechanic and autoelectrician, and currently learning electronics

Update 30 - Found missing info from Tesla Radiant Energy Patent - YouTube

So does the diode prevent the oscillaltions of the capacitor travelling upwards and channel the energy down toward earth at a higher voltage?

So would the effect of having a TDK High Voltage Ceramic Strontium Titanate Doorknob Capacitor (High Current / Quick discharge) 40KV, 2000 pF attract a large amount of energy to flow through the circuit and energise the load, then just self resonate because I believe it will 100% until it is proved wrong.

Thanks for the links
Your first point is very important, Nice discovery. Extrapolating the principal, if you made a Bedini circuit negatively charged the input from the environment would increase as the dipole created in the circuit would have a greater potential and so would every device using this principal. Excellent

Pretty much but it will have the effect of creating a dipole allowing more in as your discovery above shows.

With a tank circuit it will oscillate for a while until the energy dissipates but as soon as you draw power from it at a faster rate than it can be replaced it all stops.

Its the dipole that allows the energy in on the negative end by attracting positive radiant, normal circuits only have a momentary dipole, this precharging should allow the positive radiant in as a flow . until the negative charge dissipates. To maintain the precharge as long as possible our circuit must not be earthed. Hmmmmm I need to think about this some more
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