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redox signaling molecules

I just got back from the Zermatt resort in Utah - was a company

Night before last, I got to sleep about 1230am - little past midnight.
We got back from a dinner in Park City, which was a murder mystery
dinner - FUN! Never experienced anything like that - lol was a blast.

Anyway, I went to sleep then woke up at 330am and just layed
wide awake until breakfast at 730 thinking about everything we had
done that day.

Drank about 6 ounces and was fine all day long and into the night
throughout the plane trip until I got home and then went to sleep
close to 2am.

So I was up almost 24 hours after having only 3 hours of sleep from the
day before and without a doubt, drinking the redox signaling molecules
is responsible for the lack of fatigue.
Aaron Murakami

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