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Originally Posted by ren View Post
Oh and Elias I dont think the bicycle generator is overunity. It is an excellent example of an easy way to capture/show the energy moving in the coil though. Excess energy isnt created (ever) it is harvested/transformed into a form which we can utilize. Led's are such a great device. You could make a whole coil out of leds, imagine that! Every time your coil fires your room lights up!

I would like to see some inside shots of one of these generators. If its as simple as a floating magnetic sphere which is aggitated to induce voltage into a surrounding coil then we should experiment with this and Elias' magnetic coupling.

I agree that energy is never created, but this does not mean that energy never flows in a system, which do flow in a simple magnet. But the trick is build some device to utilize the flow of energy in magnets.
Magnets are already steady state flows, and can put out more energy, if we learn to capture the flow of it, as we do with a turbine to capture waterfall energy.
The only drag the bicycle generator would have on the wheel is the tangential force of magnets, which is at maximum at two points of rotation and decrease as the magnet inside the coil turns. The repulsion and attraction of the magnets are responsible for the rotation of the magnet inside the coil also, which are the free part added from the free energy delivered by the magnets and do not drag the wheel at all. This is why I strongly think that this device is over-unity.

In the small rotor coupled to the larger SSG wheel, the free energy appears only when one loads the small rotor, because the repulsive force of the magnets gets into action and enables us to utilize the "waterfall" flowing in the magnets.

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