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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
This is why the collector needs to be negatively charged.
I don't know that it does.

Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Where would the diode go and what sort of specification capacitor/s and diode do you think would suit the circuit?
In series with the collector plate and almost any diode will do if your not close to a source of energy. The size of the capacitor would determine how much energy would be stored and how long it takes to charge. Outputs from this system is very small unless you have a huge collector

Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Is there a thread on any of these small devices? It would be interesting to know whether they were negatively charged, their surface area and elevation.

I know that the surface area of the collector and its height are very important.
There are many you will just have to search the forum till you find them but here are a few
Avramenko's plug - Single wire power
Imhotep's Radiant Oscillator Video
imotep relay circuit

Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
An interesting notion is that the monolith inside a catalytic converter has a surface area of approx 500,000 square meters.

There is a lot of surface area on a coil, much more than a plate of the same size.

Which patent do you refer to?

All Tesla's patents with reference to transmitting and receiving energy but specifically without wires, The magnifying transmitter is the most talked about.

Remember Inventors never put everything in their patents.

You may find these simple circuits of interest while you learn the principals, but don't expect too much Radiant Energy Aerial Capture (REAC)

If you wish to get more out, Imhoteps radiant oscillator lite maybe your next step.
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