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First you have to extract the radiant from the environment, its like sitting in a swimming pool and trying to get the water to do something.

To do this we have to disturb the environment with either electrical or magnetic pulses or oscillations to create waves. Once we have a wave the difference between the top and trough of the wave is the maximum potential that can be extracted.

The collection devices Tesla shows can work with many different forms of energy, not just radiant electricity, but I think the principal is this. The waves pass over the collector causing an electrical oscillation in the capacitor, this oscillation is then the source of electrical power for the tank circuit with the magnetism of the coil doing the work.

This can be modified with a diode so that the energy is built up in the capacitor to a higher level before use.

The small devices most of us have built with this patent produce tiny amounts of electricity, so small as to be mostly unpractical to use; however if one of these devices was placed close to something that is disturbing the aether the output would go up dramatically.

If the plate was replaced with a coil, we no longer have to be as close to the source or in direct line of sight but now we are moving onto another of Tesla's patents.

So to sum up, if you are close to something that is disturbing the environment, such as power transmission lines, you could collect a usable amount of energy using these patents for free, if not it will be a small return.
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