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According to Marcel:

This structuring is best assayed with a UV spectro-photometer where one finds an increase in UV absorption due to an increase in the water bonding from the water forming chains on itself. The magnetic moment of this structured water is increased by 0.07 gauss and there is also an increase in the pH and dielectric conductivity.
sorry for the repetition;

key word quartz

Edgar Cayce often recommended animated ash and ultra-violet light therapy for persons suffering from cancer. The readings stated that the animated ash would increase the oxygen in the body and assist the immune system in fighting the cancer.
" Animated ash was a form of bamboo that was reduced to activated charcoal by means of a partial vacuum electrical carbon arc process. The resulting ash (alkaline ) was taken internally

Cayce’s dietary recommendations for cancer tended to follow several key themes:

• Eat a diet that tends to produce a balanced pH in the system with
a tendency towards alkalinity.

Imagine a medical tool where you take a UV laser pointer and place a healthy cell , like stem cells, contained in a quartz lens and then shoot the UV laser through it, which would carry the healthy information in the beam, to heal sick people .
so to increase the UV effect, an Alkaline diet would be recommended

Cancer Healing & Spirituality (4): Edgar Cayce on Cancer Causes and Treatment (2)

alpha_and_beta quartz

both alpha quartz and dna are coaxial helices

It is found that coaxial helices with optimally mated symmetries can lock into spatial resonance configurations that maximize their interaction. The resonances are represented as vectors in a discrete three-dimensional space[
An electrostatic spatial resonance model for coaxial helical structures with applications to the filamentous bacteriophages.

see also: The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus applied to electromagnetism

note: if the Crystal skulls are alpha quartz they will surely resonate with your DNA .....

John W. Keely
...When these harmonics form unisons or direct harmonic relations the two vibrating aggregates and their chords of vibration are said to be sympathetic to each other. This unison of frequency dictates that what happens to one vibratorily happens to the other simultaneously.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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