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Digging up any generator

Originally Posted by theremart View Post
I saw these on a youtube video with an SSG, so I thought why not try it.

YouTube - Batteryless Dynamo on Bedini

I have one, took it apart, and inside is a sphere Neo with a cylinder with very fine magnet wire wrapped around the tube.

Batteryless Bicycle bike safety LEDs lights, A non friction bicycle dynamo, generator, No battery, No friction, science DIY kit, invention, new product. is where I got mine...

I have ordered 8 (1) inch Neo spheres. I can't wait till they get here.

Questions and Answers

How much voltage and current does this dynamo generate?
About 7V, 25mA pulses.

As I observed this generator, It appeared to me that this generator is over-unity. I am pretty sure that this generator utilizes the push pull force of the magnets, and causing very little drag on the wheel, while causing the generator magnet to rotate pretty fast. Also LEDs, don't drag generators very much, and it doesn't matter how many LEDs one uses, and this is pretty interesting, As I have noticed this in my other experiments.

BTW, this for powering LEDs on a bicycle is not a very good idea, because batteries are already negative resistors and can power the LEDs, indefinitely, if you charge them with SSG.

The idea for generator design is magnetic coupling, which we have discussed thoroughly on the thread for extracting mechanical energy from SSG. One can use a long NEO magnet and place it near the SSG wheel and it would start rotating pretty fast and with good torque, without dragging the rotor so much. Why is this so, because the rotor a single Neo magnet makes is so small compared to your SSG wheel and would create ASYMMETRY and would cause more energy generated in the rotating Neo magnet. The free energy comes form utilizing the free push-pull force of the Neo magnets.

The device they are selling for bicycle lighting is over-unity but they don't dare to confess!!

For now I am sure that another small monopole rotor, with good magnets and smaller ones would generate more mechanical, but for other setups I am not so sure.


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