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Hey theremart!!!!

Originally Posted by theremart View Post
I am trying to find this out myself.... what can be generated with various coils/configurations. I tried this with my faster wheel ( 8 ceramics spinning at 2500 RPM ) I could get it to generate with the coils but it seemed not to be as effective as with my 300 RPM Neo set. ( mind you the 300 RPM is turning a wind generator which is now up to 5.5 V ) But the thing that got me was it did not slow down the speed of the turnning of the wheel. I could easily hook up 12 of these around the wheel and get 7V * 12 with out slowing down the wheel and I am sure charging the batteries at the same rate. As I said, I can't wait till my larger sphere neos get here. :-)

I am hoping the fine magnet wire is not a factor.... and i can use my 20 gauge wire.

Do you want to a bridge rectifier at each coils???
If your rotor as the MASS,it may be efficient.I don't know you're actual
setup. How many coils do you want to hook to your rotor???

By the way i found an old printer since my last post and have the time to test
it.Here are the results:

NMB stepping motor from minebea nom35L-048-ccbo 1000 RPM=31dcv
Mitsumi stepping motor M42SP-6T with a resistance of 61homs @1000 RPM
13.1dcv and 0.56amp

Wem you got some developpements let me know

Thank's to sharing that with me.!!!
Hope die last!!!
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