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asea - redox signaling molecules

Hi Romo,

I'm glad to hear your results! I have similar results in regards to perception,
etc... but don't mention them much in my other networks because it is a
little "out there" for some.

The price is set (in my opinion) to be comparable to other health
products available from direct sales companies but there is more benefit
to be gained from the redox signaling molecules than the others since the
other products rely on redox signaling molecules to activate them to begin

My most recent experience in endurance is from Friday. I went mushroom
hunting with a friend - I do this once a year for the last few years. The
mushrooms I get are chantrelle but more importantly the Matsutake
mushroom - found a couple of those, but they were already too old.
Anyway, we got to our secret spot, which happens to be a very steep
hill and this is the first serious exercise I've had in quite a while.

As soon as we got into the woods, our first trip is always straight up
the first hill that is about 30-35 degrees incline, wet slipper ground with a
bunch of trees that have fallen over that we have to get over or around.
It is a really treacherous climb. Because of all the obstacles, in about 4-5
minutes, my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump
out my chest. I had drank several ounces of ASEA on the drive there
of course. Anyway, over about 5-10 more minutes, my heart rate became
normal and so did my breathing and I just continued the hunt up this hill,
across, up, down, up down, etc... for about a 1-1.5 hours nonstop.

For the entire hunt after the first 10-15 minutes, I didn't feel winded or
tired in the least bit and could just keep a steady pace and as a matter
of fact, I felt stronger as I went.

After we covered the first hill, we went back to my car to drop off our
catch, we went back up on the opposite hill for about a half an hour
then took off because it was getting dark.

I handled this trip better than any other as far as my energy and endurance
is concerned. The next day, my muscles are usually really sore and it hurts to walk.
But this time, when I woke up, it felt like I didn't even climb those hills,
literally - it was like I didn't even go. I didn't have the slightest bit of
pain or aches in my muscles like I "should have."

I can totally see why the athletes are so in love with it, the recovery and
repair are incredible! I know if an athletes endurance and skills are equal,
the one with the quicker recovery and repair will win.
Aaron Murakami

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