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Week one on this stuff.

I'm young, but this stuff is amazing.

The changes I have noticed so far --

Significantly faster physical recovery time.
My joints hurt a lot less the day-of when I go rock climbing.

My Body fat deposits have gone down "more than usual". I did not increase exercise quantity or intensity. Same as usual, same diet, same mineral supplements (which is for now spirulina -- Will try the "better" spirirulina as-per aaron's suggestion in the future).

I have "Deeper Meditation"
I realize this is very subjective -- What I mean is, I sever body awareness more quickly, and it is easier for me to decentrate out of my body and "blank out" during my meditations. This occurs more rapidly than I would normally achieve -- and because I am in that state for (what I feel is longer), I come out more refreshed, and with better mental clarity than I would have previously experienced.

More "processing power" in my mental activity; more thoughts of higher quality resulting from outside events and observations. I "get" observations more sharply, and in a more concise fashion than I did previously.

I usually have a pretty clear imagination, and pretty good mental pictures -- but the details I can recall, or generate are much more detailed.

More Recollection of my dreams, and more vivid clarity of signals from my body -- People call it "intuition" among other things -- I sense my body telling me more information dense signals about the foods I eat, the people I meet, the meaning behind the words people are saying -- ETC.

I've had better thoughts, more realizations about myself.

Best of all for me -- I am reducing my ADD medication. It is my current hope I can "wean off" it completely and still be very functional in college.

I find I can work with my inherently natural pattern of thinking -- I think it's mis-diagnosed across our culture as "ADD". I have not had a lack of focus in my life. I generally I lack the patience to do the very mundane repetitive "scholarly school work" when I feel I have already figured it out in principal -- like doing the homework, or reviewing the required readings before class.

Using my natural pattern of thinking -- darting to whatever grabs my attention, I translate the connection between the two concepts better what "grabbed" my attention, and the discussion at hand.

Instead of being drawn between the "attention grabber" and the concept at hand -- it's like I've been given a little bit more memory to elaborate the connection between the two better.

To me, that means -- I can focus the parts that "academia" likes, and use it more clearly in my writings instead of darting between my thoughts. This might not always be reflected in my forum posts -- that's usually because I need to scribble down the post before I rush off to my other daily responsibilities.

This was a good decision for me to experiment with. I am glad I did it.

If your body were a musical instrument, it is like giving your body the higher quality building blocks to have your neural "strings" tightened to a higher frequency. Kind of like replacing a lower quality guitar string, with a higher quality guitar string -- you are ABLE to produce a higher quality sound

This is not to say the product does it for you, but if you are already doing this daily mental/physical exercises to condition yourself to become a better person in body and spirit, this stuff does help you get where you are striving to go, by giving your nervous system better "Basic Building Blocks".

Again, if you're feeding yourself junk food (Ramen noodles, high preservatives, high sugar junk food), you will only benefit slightly from dosing your body with this. This is expensive, and seems to have a target market of people financially "better off" than me -- the college student.

My only complaint I can voice about this product is its monetary cost. I don't have the credentials to get a higher paying job -- I work for minimum wage; so this really hurts my monthly budget.

From a business perspective -- If there were some reduction in cost -- I could easily see the profit margin raising through more sales, due to greater accessibility to a wider audience. Is there any way to contact the business in this regard, aaron?

I currently understand the high cost due to the business "starting up", and the cost being necessary because it is "experimental" and probably needs all sorts of third-party tests done to affirm the product's claims; but I'm thinking a little more long term.

If there was any way to cheaply license out a "reactor" to create this type of water on-site somewhere -- say, a health-gym, or college campus -- even without it being advertized as some crazy good "miracle water" health solution -- I could see it being hugely subjectively useful to the students, even if they only take it once in a while.

Currently, the "word of mouth" marketing seems to be this product's strong point in generating sales anyways....

Is there any way to talk with the company to license to an athletic department, or different local sports clubs about this? I know of bike teams, rock climbing gyms, cross country runners -- all of them would hugely benefit from this kind of product. If there there were a regional distribution center -- Even silly things, like debate team might be able to "try it out".

If Aspea sponsored some of those clubs through a local/regional-reactor/distribution center somewhere; Advertisements could get out through many different avenues of word of mouth -- especially through different college teams/traveling clubs. If it works like it did with me, coaches and athletes will definitely notice a difference in performance

Maybe not even my university or area (Northern California) -- maybe some big city university (I.E San Deigo, or san Fransisco)

I'm not talking about getting a bunch of skeptics together to try it -- that's a great way to repeat ignorant debunking ala "cold fusion". I'm saying that people who would follow instructions carefully and would be willing to record improvements or gains -- without the expectation of getting those incredible "side effects".

I know that if it's targeted for the correct "middle age group" who is already into outdoors/sports -- they could provide a lot of positive feedback in two good areas -- intentionally confirming the athletic application/use, and "unintentionally" noticing the passive differences in other areas of their lives (Bone and Sore Joints, memory, organ recovery, ETC.)

I know it's not advertized as being able to do that -- but it could "incidently" elicit a lot of testimonials in that area around that age group.

The way I see it, this product is budding -- if word gets out well enough, the product could go viral in the same way "airborne dissolve-able immune system" capsules went viral, and are now in pharmacies and grocery stores alike all over California.

There's got to be some way to help lots of people "evolve" their nervous system, experience the "side effects" of overall better health, and increase in overall quality of life?
This might not be a cure for poverty mentality -- but could be a stepping stone out of it for some people.

Either way -- I think that this product could be much more "well known" product, or widely used/marketed through helping people, young or old.
Both age groups can elicit similar "incidental" testimonials.

Who Would I talk to about this?

It definitely has "potential" in it

It's got my +1 for being a product that improves many areas of my life.

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