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I don't think so

Originally Posted by riku2015 View Post
- All coils is master, no slaves.
- draws only about 140-150mA without charging battery @ 12volts
- gets 4 times more ??? radiant energy (yes this is the issue? could this be true?) look pics taken from scope at overunity forum, if you people cannot see those, i can post as attachment here as well.

here is from my page (there is not yet scope pics)

i think 4 synced coils gives only 1 big spike while 4 unsynced gives 4 times more? is this true?
Hi Riku, Welcome!

I don't think that you are getting more radiant energy back, because when the coils are in sync the spikes add up and cannot be seen separately.

And a question, how did you make your calculator count the turns, it is pretty nice, has it got any kind of input?

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