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Hi Riku, I did try to answer you @ OU, but perhaps I wasnt precise enough.

With multiple coils that fire out of sync you will definately see more torque from your wheel. As far as the charging effect however this is what I believe will happen. You may be getting more spikes per rotation into the battery due to multiple separate collapses, but I dont necessarily think this means better charging. There are some very valid comments above that talk about the need for current flowing through to the secondary (love the nail analogy Elias!). I have confirmed to that the battery will charge better/faster when more current does flow through. I am no master at this so prove me wrong if Im wrong

Also the E-amplification effect you get when all coils fire in unison increases the power of each pulse going to the battery. You will still get a significant increase in speed with the master slave config, it may not have as much torque however.

One other thing to consider is that multiple trigger windings could affect current draw negatively. I think that if you are set on having multiple triggers that you should go with two, three max. Bundle two coils (or more) together to fire in unison and have two (ore more) that fire out of phase. This way you will get the benefit of both effects.

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