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Originally Posted by riku2015 View Post
Hi all, i'm new user at this forum!

just question, what i never getted an answer at overunity forums, what happens if put the coils unsynchronized to motor?
here is picturesoverunity forum and more at my blog.

b.t.w. nice projects here at this topic!
welcome to the forum!

by unsynchronised I'm guessing you mean your slave coils fire just after the magnet has passed over it?

I guess you may loose some torque but maybe not depending on how far out of sync they are...

though I wonder if it will make a difference in the charging effect? One part of the theory ehind the operation of the energiser is the sharp switching of the poles in the coil. basically, just before the coil fires the top of the coil is a south pole and the bottom of the coil is a north pole (due to the magnetic field of the rotor magnet). But then the coil briefly fires which immeadiatly swaps the poles so that the top of the coil is now north and the bottom is south.

If the coils are out of sync then the field induced by the magnet over the coil may not by uniform or be as strong as if they were in sync. This may reduce the effect but it is worth experimenting with... you will definatly learn something what ever your conclusion is.
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