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The nail on the wall being the battery, and the hammer hitting the nail being our impulse, and an impulse with more current means a hammer hitting the nail with more kinetic energy. If the hammer does not gain enough kinetic energy (0.5mv^2) then it is unable to get the nail into the wall. So there is needed a bare minimum of kinetic energy (electric current) to make the nail get into the wall (battery charge).
I like the anology but I don't think more current is desirable... I think the "kinetic energy" from the hammer is the voltage.... the higher the voltage spikes..

as you said John couldn't charge the batteries on pure radiant but i have a feeling the reason why some current is neccesary is because of the lack of electrons being supplied to the batteries... from what I hear the pure radiant charge damaged batteries in the end so it sounds like the charging process is occuring but the chemical reaction inside the batteries is starved of electrons.

To use another analogy... electrons are to the batteries (when being charged) as CO2 is to a plant. The plant can grow and survive using just the ambient CO2 (in the same way electrons are always present for the batteries) but will grow at a much faster rate and will be far healthier if the CO2 level is increased. Without enough CO2 the cell walls (battery plates) will be brittle and poorly constructed.

so by supplying some current to the batteries we are increasing the electrons and allowing the chemical process to perform efficently. Feeding the batteries in a way.

basically if not enough electrons are present then the oxidation and reduction process won't be complete and will possibly result in radicals that form new chemicals that would not be normally present in the battery... this kind of damage would not be reversible even on the ssg.

Once again this is all just theory! I'd be curious about what John found when he examined the batteries from the pendulum...

anyway!!! the real reason I'm posting tonight is to ask about people's experiences with neos/rare earths....

what size neos are you using? I was just thinking today that you can get neos that are just a few millimeters (even 1mm!) across and I have little doubt that even tiny ones will be strong enough to trigger the ssg... perhaps using very thin neos we can simulate a very strong, narrow and uniform pole? perhaps better then a superpole? though, due to their size, the field may not be strong enough to permanently magnetise the core.

so, what dimensions have been tried?
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