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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I have always thought neos work fine as long as the gap is wide enough.
It's all in the gap.
20inch rotor with 12 neos, 50 x 20 x 12mm. Draws 175Ma @ 12 volts 455 RPM.

I used a scope to set the coils gap. Interesting thing is that the 3 slaves have 32 mm gap while the master has 41 mm gap.
Just got it running last night so haven't had time to do much testing/tinkering.
Did drive it with 36 volts & got 600+ RPM at 300 Ma draw.

One thing that I found a bit odd, is that it will spin clockwise twice as fast as it will counter clockwise.

On another note, has anyone noticed that almost all of Mr. Bedini's energizers use aluminum rotors with the magnets inset into the rotor?
Could this be because the aluminum will alter the magnetic field?
Just a thought.


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