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You got the jackpot!!!

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
since we are comparing desing ideas I had here is what I had in mid for a double rotor... Attachment 386

I found that alot of energy can be captured with a window coil placed behind the coils as well so I thought I might place recovery coils on the outside of the rotors...

definatly will be my next build when I have the time and cash! lol

just saw your vid aaron! looks really interesting! I will try that tonight! will let you know the results!

The only thing with this setup,you gotta have to redone the one you have.
I just want to say you're actual setup is pretty nice and i don't want to
feel sad if you dismantle it.

I was just telling you that you'r setup bring me the idea of using it as it is
and make some improuvements with it..
And i thank you for it.

Always glad to talk to you.
Hope die last!!!
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