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The purpose of this thread Earth Rods is to discuss Earth Rod applications on Bedini SG's or other circuits and maybe even with Peter's type of attraction motor concepts.

A variation was discovered with Technical Remote Viewing.The method Jetijs mentioned in the Bedini SG thread is the one discovered with TRV.

One thing to realize about Earth Rod applications from my experience is that the results are NOT consistent. This doesn't mean that you can't always have positive benefit, it just means the results change over time. ALSO, depending on other variables, the results can GROW over time.

I have shared this concept with a few Bedini experimenters and have received such a wide range of reports. I'm sure the geography has a lot to do with it...where are the Earth's acupuncture meridians in relation to the rods, etc...

I used to have Earth Rod systems going to grids laying under a bed mattress for healing purposes at a house about 7-8 years ago. John Bedini turned me onto the Earth Rod concepts back then.

A good way to find a good spot to put a rod is to get a multimeter and put it on DC volts. I had some long wires and alligator clips attached to the ends of the probes and the other end I had 3 foot steel and one copper. I would put one rod in the ground...doesnt' matter what rod you use for what charge because you're just looking for the largest potential difference you can get. One rod in ground...deep, then take the other rod and walk around with it sticking it in different spots. Wherever you get the highest reading, leave the second rod there.

Then mark where the first rod is, take it out and see if you can find a higher reading with it somewhere else, if not, put it back. If you get a higher reading, you can take the other rod and move it around and go back and forth. You're lucky if you can get 2 volts. I found 4 one time in my Qigong Master friend Rodger's backyard.

Anyway, this will show you some good spots either plus or negative.

For the TRV discovered rod method, it takes one rod...not for grounding purposes but to draw the aether from the ground.


That's it! The TRV session was for logical next step enhancements to the overall SG circuits and with research combined with the data, the above is what it revealed. The line on the diode should be on the side of the battery so the positive voltage potential moves from Earth TOWARDS the charging battery positive terminal.

This is so easy for ANYONE to do that I would recommend that everyone at least play with it and try other variations if you want but the above is the exact method that was used on Kevin's SSG with the alternative superpole magnet configuration.

Be on the lookout for something else coming soon
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