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other Bedini SG modification

Originally Posted by Jetijs View Post
BTW, the other modification could be the ground wire with a diode connected to the charging battery + terminal, so that no current can flow from the + terminal to ground, but some of the aether or radiant can be pulled from the ground with each coil pulse
But I am eager to know if there is something else?
You must be using the PATHS intuitive module!

That is the other modification. I have had unpredictable results with it as it seems to do its own think on its own rhythm. This is what Kevin was using in conjunction with his entire setup and of course with the magnet configuration.

There IS something else that I want to point out but I'm going to do it in a way as to challenge people to look at Bedini's schematics. We should start a new thread for ground rod applications with the SG and possibly the attraction motors, which I have no idea what the combination will do. Anyway, to keep this thread focus on the overall SG. Maybe someone can get a magnet configuration thread started.
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