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I have always thought neos work fine as long as the gap is wide enough.

Originally Posted by elias View Post

I totally agree that this configuration seems to produce more energy, because much better turn off of the coils, and the much sharper and narrower turn on of the coil, and the much stronger attraction to the real south, instead of the scalar south.

But, what about the neo magnets? Neo magnets should work better and produce more torque. The problem with the neo magnets in the monopole was the fact that they were too strong for triggering the transistor and, turning the transistor on and off, was not very good. But in this configuration I suppose that they should work well. Just I don't know if we can glue them on the same sides, because they are so strong!

Aaron, just can't wait to hear about the other modifications.

What I am seeing is that, this Bedini machine is going to transform onto a power plant!

Aaron Murakami

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