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magnet placement

hi everyone,

an interesting video. I do have some points I want to place here. JB has said we want a radiant harvester, not an electron pusher. that is why on the BM3 yahoo forum, they recommend lowest current draw for highest RPM. in fact the test they use is by placing a 1ohm 1/2 watt resistor in place of the charge battery, running the sg and making sure it is tuned so the resistor does NOT heat up. no current flowing! the higher your current draw, the less radiant you will be harvesting. the magnet is just a switch. the scalar north configuration provides a sharper gradiant, therefore a sharper switch. Rick Friedrich has built a self runner SG using north south alternating magnets already. if you look at John Bedinis website, you will see the diagrams of the scalar south, just as drawn in the video, with the caveate of the south going all the way to the center of the rotor. . it is in the center of the rotor go here Welcome to John Bedini not at all trying to diminish kevins work. what I am after is a sg that draws low current, at high rpm. my current unit only draws .5 amps, with 8 power coils! with that being said, I am going to build a rotor as described, and I will post my results here, testing will take some time.
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