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Day Five!

Practitioners Certification Day!!!

The seminar location was moved to a slightly smaller room for the last day, the PC day. Anticipation was high, and the energy of the room in the morning fairly crackled! This would be really cool for me since I had attended Levels I and II three times so far so this was going to be something totally NEW!

I was a catcher again but there was a lot less interaction with guests for this last day and a LOT MORE information from the stage. Interestingly, a lot of this was presented by other people rather than Dr. B. However, there was no disappointment as the other facilitators shared many profound treasures on taking M.E. to a new level - becoming practitioners! A lot of the information throughout the day was to do with distance sessions. Also, there was an extensive Q and A session with the crowd.

Perhaps the most wonderful experience was the group M.E. sessions we did on each other. Basically we all divided up into groups of about 10. Then one person would stand in the middle while everyone else surrounded you. You would share an intention such as 'I would like to be confident in taking M.E. into a clinical type practice'. Then everyone would go wild with two-pointing you, or anything else that came up! Time-travel, radionics, parallel universes, modules, frequencies on and on - this was the time for transformation in a big way!!!

The first session I went through, I shared a specific desire to do with releasing all fears associated with doing M.E. for the public, in a practice type situation. It didn't take long and my good buddy, a fellow catcher named William, had to catch me as I went down like a ton of bricks to enjoy the wave moving through me for several minutes! Later I joined another group and again either went down myself or participated in others going through major transformation, often having to catch them as the conscious brain seems to go 'ACK' 'error error, Reboot Now!' lol. The next group session I did, I just left the intention open-ended for whatever would serve my best, highest good.

There was another very interesting sharing by one of the M.E. entourage who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. You could title this: Making a Disease. Essentially, drug companies seek to keep people in the system of drugs. Its a vicious cycle in health care. They are there to make money, lots of it, not to cure people and get them off the drugs. Nooooooo, far better in their eyes to 'manage' the symptoms, preferably over the rest of their lifetime. She related information describing the planned creation of 'diseases' that matched ready-made drugs. Its like a morphic field, that is started by a drug company through the power of suggestion in a group of people, with various advertising and so forth. The drugs for the 'symptoms' that are being created in people, are already on the shelf!!! At the right time, it is brought out for sale to 'help' all these people with the symptoms! Other amazing things that don't really surprise me are that placebo tests are often not used anymore in clinical trials since they are SO effective, sometimes more than the drug. They will lie, cheat, and payoff people to get drugs through the tests and 'system'. Trials have been conducted where a group of people to be tested are ALL given the placebo, and those that it helps are then culled out of the study - often a MAJORITY of the total number. The ones left over are then divided up with some getting placebo, some getting the drug and EVEN THEN the PLACEBO starts to work on some of those who didn't show effects from it before!!!
One other piece of trivia is that a lot of drugs are in purple coloured pills because they found that PURPLE is the most likely colour to trigger the PLACEBO EFFECT! Drugs need a helping hand!
Besides all of this, there is much information out there to show that perhaps MOST drugs are a form of placebo - the interconnection energetically between the energy 'signature' of the drug with the intelligence of life seems to have far more to do with what a drug appears to do than any 'scientific' tests or explanation by chemistry alone. This is a huge subject, but if you want to get a taste more, see Bruce Liptons - Biology of Belief and the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

The seminar ended with another great song and I felt very honoured to be invited up to the stage with Dr. B, his family, and his closest facilitators to dance along with the gang. Also, we spent part of the song intentionally focusing our attention upon 'encoding' the PC seminar for all the guests so that they could anchor the feelings and experiences inside themselves and use that morphic field at anytime they wanted to when practicing M.E. I wasn't really sure what it meant to do that, but I figured my lack of knowledge would allow something much more intelligent and powerful to come through me to benefit all of us! Its when we think we KNOW something, black and white - whatever it may be - that we CLOSE the LID on the BOX and prevent any further information from coming to us, which may in fact show our closely held beliefs to be completely wrong lol.

I did some more catcher play after the seminar as Dr. B stayed until the last book is signed or whatever else anyone may wish to ask him or have him help them with. Then, I said goodbye to many awesome friends, some new, some from the first seminar in June 2007, and headed out - another unique, profound and amazing M.E. experience! I'm HOOKED and will go to more seminars whenever I can just for the joy of being around so many awesome people, getting M.E.'d, doing M.E. with others and seeing those great friends as many of them have gone to more than one seminar as well!

Now to get to answering some of your awesome posts!

Also, I am going to cut and paste John's (ESM member jtkya) much more professional account of this seminar because I just love it and oh ya, he said I could haha. The originals are found on the Matrix Energetics website where he posts under the same name.

In Gratitude to Source and all of YOU - ONE and the SAME

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