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Day Four! : )

Hi Again!

By day four, I was really really starting to enjoy the morning meditative silence followed by profound sharing from Dave and Sharyn. This morning, one of the things presented was the power of a question. Questions can divide. Or, questions can open a door. If you've followed this thread, then you know how often open-ended questions are referred to. They are a doorway to accessing something much bigger than the conscious mind - priceless!

This is the last day of the regular level I and II seminar. In the morning, Dr. B shared how difficult M.E. can be for him (part of this is the two degrees he has - the left-brain doesn't like to let go of what it thinks it knows) but also we put up various barriers of expectation and attachment to whatever it is that we are facilitating with M.E. The point is: Difficulty is GOOD! It is a way to 'calibrate' or Notice What You Notice and open a pathway through the difficulty to something New occurring! A wonderful saying shared during one of the PC morning or afternoon sessions is: 'What is on the path, IS the Path. What is in the way, IS the Way' - practical to all of life, no?
Justice (Dr. B's daughter) shared that 'the more she lets go of having to experience or 'do' with M.E., the more useful things come to her and not need some attached explanation' - powerful stuff!

This day of the seminar is focused upon Level II - which includes all kinds of neat stuff like the Modules. These are self-intelligent 'software'-like programs applicable to specific 'ailments' that may come up intuitively to be 'put in' and 'turned on' with a person - truly phenomenal to watch demonstrated and then to practice with someone else!
The Modules were suggested when you don't feel or are aware of being particularly clairvoyant (intuitive). Amazingly, in the 'state' of M.E. session, you can simply draw your finger down the page with the modules on it, observe the shift, however slight, though it could be major when you touch upon the one that will help that person, and take it and apply it to them!!! Wonderful!

Information that comes up into your awareness is really COOL. Its not that we 'do' anything with this information - the information IS the DONE. Windows is also taught during this day which is essentially a term borrowed from the computer software of the same name and is a type of kinesthetic testing response to check for what might be useful in any moment of a M.E. session.

The songs that are played in the morning and afternoon really get everyone cranked up and the energy high in the room. Another thing that the last two seminars had, were a presentation after seminar hours but in the main big auditorium of The Last Mimzy. Dr. B said he knows of no other movie that embodies so much of what M.E. is about than this one. It is Awesome! The boys and I love it and you might too!

Another evening of helping out as an Intern including catching the guests in the line-up while Dr. B shared freely with everyone some Matrix Magick.

Next: Day Five - the Practitioners Certification Day!

In Peace,


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