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I Ren!!!
I think the same way as you. Why not utylize both side of the magnets to
have a higher COP.
By using both sides of the magnets,i think we can optimise the hole setup.
Like Seph said:The point is to have more pulses of energy.The torque is a
Since i start talking with Seph,i have maybe(30)sketches of what it look like
to have a setup like Seph with the coils sandwiched by magnets.
My goal is not to reinvented the wheel,but,THINK about building someting
pretty efficient and not loosing others adventages.
Together,we can make it possible.I compare myself with you guy's,and,i'm
just a beginner to this stuff.
But,I think you get my point there Ren!!!!!!

I realy appreciate you're comments..
Hope die last!!!
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