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Guys I think you are on track here, perhaps not in this thread but on to something none the less. I believe peper10's idea to utilize the other end of the electromagnet is similar to some of Johns G -Field designs. The easiest way to do something like this would be a design similar to this one.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur FluxGate - PESWiki

A central shaft could turn a pair of rotors with the coils mounted between. Heck you could gang ten rotors together and fill the gaps with coils.

If your e- magnet is pulsing and you are utilizing only one pole, then it makes sense to factor in the other end. Aaron showed a good little clip of a window coil winding with an led on the ends. When placed under an sg(?) motor coil it would light up.
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